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Our Brands

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Our Brands

It takes a knowledgeable team to understand your body-armor needs and help find the best solutions. Safariland is proud to offer that team support.

With seven premium brands of body armor to choose from - and an organization of industry professionals - you can be confident in the superior performance of all our offerings.

Safariland manufactures and sells a broad range of high-quality tactical and concealable body armor marketed under brand names that are well-known in law-enforcement and military communities - names such as American Body Armor™, Second Chance®, PROTECH® Tactical and Savvy®.

Whether it’s weight, fit, coverage or ballistic performance you’re looking for, Safariland has the optimal solution. All products are backed by extensive research and development and customer-focused field testing. Choose the right protection with the best support – choose the brands of Safariland.

  • American Body Armor (ABA)

    American Body Armor™

    The Trusted Performance Brand.

    American Body Armor™ (ABA), an industry leader since 1969, offers the best in concealable body armor for law enforcement. Whether it’s woven, laminate or the newest ballistic material, if there’s a better way to create hybrid performance, ABA will find it.

  • Second Chance Body Armor

    Second Chance® Body Armor

    The Comfort Brand.

    Second Chance® remains the leader in manufacturing the most comfortable, concealable body armor for law enforcement. No brand has saved more lives. With more than 1,000 saves, Second Chance can truly say “We Save Lives.”

  • Protech Tactical Body Armor

    PROTECH® Tactical

    Gear Up and Go.

    Tactical offers a full line of high-performance tactical equipment - equipment that can be combined to meet the needs facing special ops, anti-terrorist units and high-risk entry teams.

  • SAVVY Female Body Armor

    SAVVY® Female Body Armor

    Armor for Women.

    SAVVY® offers proprietary shaping designs for the ultimate in fit and mobility. Designed exclusively for women, SAVVY® offers a range of products from ultra concealable to tactical.

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